I'm doing it. I used to be fit, I grew up dancing (ballet, tap jazz, modern, hip hop etc.) for over 12 years, did gymnastics, track and field etc. I have PTSD, anxiety and am living with depression. Over a year ago now I was severely triggered and as a way of dealing I quit my plant-based vegan diet and (staying vegan) started enjoying all the vegan processed foods. Fast forward to present day and now I weigh about 20 pounds heavier than I did 1.5 years ago. I have been going to a psychologist of course, therapy is very important, but things take time and motivation can be hard when dealing with depression etc. Finally, I feel like my brain has made a break through. I'm in a better place, far from perfect but finally feeling progress and some motivation! Woohoo! I'm starting off with a 30 day fitness challenge, working out on the stairs as cardio, doing 100 flights a day.

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