Bold Beet Lemonade

This beet lemonade is the perfect vegan drink for any winter party (even if it’s a party for one). It’s made with Love Beets Organic Beet Juice as well as their ready-to-eat Organic Cooked Beets (they might convert your non-beet loving friends and fam into beet lovers) seriously). So far I’ve tried their Organic Cooked Beets, Organic Beet Juice, and their Organic Beet Juice with a Hint of Ginger, all were delish! I think next I’ll try their Sweet + Smoky Shredded Beets on top of some vegan tacos.

Love Beets are made at their own state-of-art-production facility in Rochester, New York with most of their beets being grown nearby in upstate New York. This is important to me because many companies (if not most) have their food produced in third party facilities giving them less control over their product whereas when it’s produced in-house, you get complete oversight and control creating higher quality products for all of us to enjoy. Having the majority of their beets grown nearby also leads to less nutrients being lost through shipping and storage so you’re really getting the best of the best with these guys.

If you're just dying to try out their superpowered beets check out their Store Locator! It makes finding them in your area super simple.

P.S. If you fall in love with Love Beets like I have, and post a photo of you eating them or a recipe made with their product to Facebook they will send you a free Love Beets T-shirt! Say what!? (*Continental U.S. only.) Make sure to tag them @lovebeets!

*This is a sponsored post for Love Beets. All information and opinions shared are my own.

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Bold Beet Lemonade

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  1. Add all ingredients into a large pitcher and stir until well combined.

  2. Pour over ice to enjoy a little taste of zesty beet goodness.


*All ingredients used are organic unless specifically noted “conventional”.

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