Why I'm Passionate About Health + Wellness

Why I'm Passionate about health and wellness including veganism, living a compassionate green life, and holistic wellness.

As you all know, I'm Rae, the gal behind Raepublic. Something you probably don't know about me is that I just got accepted into Graduate School for a Masters in Nutrition. 

Here is a little bit more about me, some of it you may know and some of it you may not. 

I am passionate about health and wellness and how nutrition can positively affect one's physical and emotional well-being. I know it has benefited me. I was abused for several years of my childhood and when I was 20 I was raped.  

I am on a journey of healing, and a large part of this journey has involved living a vegan lifestyle. Part of the reason I went vegan is because I can't stomach the thought of causing any creature pain or suffering that is even remotely similar to what I have been through in life. The factory farming industry in the United States is absolutely horrific – for meat production and dairy alike. Going vegan has allowed me to live a more cohesive, empowered life, full of compassion, empathy, and justice.
I recently read a study by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network that stated, “59% of young people suffering from PTSD become substance abusers.” This makes me wonder how many choose to abuse food instead? I abused food. I would binge on various highly processed snacks, and go out of my way to obtain certain sweets and hide it. Choosing a vegan

lifestyle allowed me to regain a healthy relationship with food and to live an overall healthier, happier life. I hope that my story can inspire and help others to do the same. 

I have slowly been incorporating my story into Raepublic, my website where I share plant-based vegan recipes, in hopes that it can benefit others who have also experienced trauma and are now living with depression, anxiety and/or PTSD.  The response I have received is wonderful. Raepublic is gradually evolving, and my goal is to make it a true health and wellness brand. 

Obtaining a Masters in Nutrition will greatly aid me in achieving this goal. One of my goals is to create online health, wellness and nutrition programs whose aim is to assist people who have experienced trauma to live a more holistic, well-balanced life. 

Whether you read this, share this link with your friends and family, share one of my recent recipes on your favorite social media platforms, or simply send me good wishes and thoughts, I deeply appreciate your support. 

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