Raepublic Is on YouTube - My First Video

The day has come! Woohoo! Raepublic is on YouTube! Oh-snap! I don't know if you can tell but I'm really excited! You know when you put something off for a really long time (whether it be for avoidance, self-doubt, procrastination, etc.) and you finally accomplish it!? Well that was YouTube for me. 

Raepublic is headed to YouTube and my first video is up! I’ll be making recipe videos, what I eat in a day, mental health vids, self-care tips, and so much much.

My goal is to post at least three videos a week for the first month and then go from there. They will range in subject and length so there will be something for everyone. 

There are several things I want to share through my videos including: 

  • My life, experiences and how eating a plant-based vegan diet how helped my emotional well-being

  • How easy it is to go vegan (or at least eat a lot more fruits and veggies).

  • Have fun! Not everything has to be serious. :-)

So, if you like what you see make sure to give the video a thumbs-up and subscribe to my Channel...and if you LOVE what you watch feel free to share my YouTube Channel with friends and family on your favorite social media platforms. 

Hope you enjoy!

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