Chana Rae, the gal behind Raepublic has updated quite a bit of the entire website. Including a new and improved about me, updated recipe photos, recipe paragraphs about each vegan recipe, blog posts and more. 

Oh yeah baby! The time has come. You guys may have noticed over the last couple of months subtle changes have been taking place on Raepublic's site!

In the delicious plant-based recipe section you will notice that there is now:

  • Intro paragraphs for each vegan recipe. These are witty, smart, smart-ass and/or informative. You're welcome. 
  • Yield - I mean who doesn't want to know how much food they are actually going to end up with!?
  • Prep / Cook / Total Time - Useful stuff huh? 
  • Photos now have writing on them (better for sharing on social media). For an example look to the right >>>>>>>>
  • Little hints to follow me on social media and to comment on your favorite recipes and posts! 
  • The overall layout is cleaner and the photo doesn't take up the whole page anymore so you can actually see it. 

In the ninja blog sections you will see:

  • Minor format tweaks.
  • Upped my photography game overall. Hopefully you can tell...
  • Photos now have writing on them (better for sharing on social media). Again, for an example look to the right >>>
  • Consistency, I am now and will continue to release at least one new blog post per week. Post topics range from health & wellness, fitness, vegan topics, plant-based diet tips and tricks, and more.

A section Cooking How To's (Located under the "recipes" tab.)

Home Page Upgrade

  • Raepublic's home page got an upgrade as well and now show the most recent vegan recipes, blog posts, links to important pages and awesome life changing (at least for me) announcements!

Hope you enjoy these changes! 

Raepublic an amazing vegan blog sharing easy plant based recipes healthful blog posts and vegan products. 

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