Ok, I know what you're thinking..."Pomegranate Limeade sounds amazing but Pumpkin Lemonade!? You're crazy!" 

So let's start with the Pumpkin Lemonade...Let me tell you, the taste will most definitely pleasantly surprise you! If you enjoy the sweet taste of pumpkin and the deliciousness of lemonade when it kisses your lips then you will fall head over heals for this Pumpkin Lemonade, so much so that it might be your new favorite wintery drink. The pumpkin makes you feel all cozy in the winter weather and the lemon dances will memories of warm summer days. 

Now that you're [hopefully] convinced about the amazing Pumpkin Lemonade that is about to enter your life let's move onto the Pomegranate Limeade. I have to say, this might be the most delicious drink that I have ever made. It's sweet and tart in all the right ways, your tastebuds might jump for joy so be sure to hang on! 

Both drinks are fabulous on their own and are sure to spice up any evening! However, if you want to add even more flair, they would be amazing over some delicious vanilla nice cream [aka: vegan vanilla ice-cream].

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