The Best Eco-Friendly Sofas

Within the last several months, I have been focusing on detoxing my life and ensuring that anything new I bring into our home is as eco-friendly and non-toxic as possible.

I have wanted new sofas for years, one of them, in particular, had started ripping at some of its seams, but I'm glad I waited. Since starting my Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, I have learned a lot about toxins and have continued my own research into unhealthy chemicals that are often incorporated into household items, including furniture. When it comes to furniture, a common culprit is flame retardants, which can include one or more toxic chemicals. Some of the most common are organophosphate, hexabromocyclododecane, and brominated flame retardants. (Say that five times fast.) Each of these chemicals has been associated with adverse health effects. Also, I don't know about you, but why does furniture contain 'ingredients'? This is why I went searching for flame retardant free, environmentally-friendly sofas.

When thinking about making more eco-friendly choices, proximity can make a huge impact too. You can imagine the environmental resources it takes to get a sofa to you from China versus North Carolina. (Unless you live in China, then yes, buying a Chinese made sofa makes more sense.) I searched the internet and soon realized that sofas that are handmade, in America, with real wood, and are flame-retardant free are few and far between. I was incredibly delighted when I came across Maiden Home, an environmentally conscious company based in New York that makes handcrafted furniture. Their sofas are made from responsibly sourced hardwoods, springs from recycled steel, renewable soy-based foam cushions, and high-quality fabrics. Maiden Home doesn't use any flame retardants, formaldehyde, or other harmful chemicals, ensuring that their furniture is non-toxic. Amen. Also, they have tons of stunning vegan fabric options, which was important to me.

Their website is clean, organized, and filled with stunning photos of their beautiful furniture. The Irving sofa really spoke to me. I love its clean lines with a touch of masculinity. Once on The Irving page, I tried out different fabrics, stain colors, and sofa lengths. You can essentially build your couch in front of your eyes, with each fabric type and color you try out, the image of the sofa on the screen changes to match your choices, it's really cool and incredibly helpful. I ended up ordering a number of their free swatches to hold up in our living room in different lighting moments that occur throughout the day and even rubbed them on my dog Amber Bear to see which fabric would pick up the least amount of fur and hide it the most. I went with a longer 90" sofa, upholstered in Performance Washed Linen in the color Fog with a Walnut finish. Once I ordered my couches, I received update emails along the way letting me know where they were at in the production process, which gave the whole experience a personal touch. The delivery was seamless; they unwrapped the sofas, brought them into our living room, placed them in exactly the right spot, and then headed out. They also took all of the shipping materials with them, which was incredibly helpful! I can just imagine the sight of me trying to wrangle all of it into our recycling bins!

These are the swatches for our sustainably made Maiden Home non-toxic sofas as well as a to scale drawing of our giant peg board wall.

Jon and I both love our Maiden Home sofas, and unfortunately, our dogs do too. (They aren't allowed on them, however, we notice that they sneak a snooze every once in a while when we leave the room.)  They are so comfortable, sturdy, and stunning. The cushions are firm-ish with a delightful amount of give. Maiden Home was really the only furniture brand whos sofas really checked all of my boxes regarding environmentally-friendliness, sustainability, and vegan material options. I am incredibly thankful I came across them on good old Google and that we were able to partner together on this post.

*This post is in partnership with Maiden Home. All information and opinions shared are my own.

*Thanks Kayleigh from Wild & Free Photography for capturing these photos.

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