Raepublic is headed to YouTube. So get ready for a delicious vegan YouTube channel filled with vlogs, plant-based recipe videos, how to's, a day in the life and much more. 

Oh snap! Look out folks! No, but really, the stirrings of this YouTube channel have been brewing for over a year. You know how life is though… you have one, and as a result, these creative inklings often get placed on the backburner. You work full time (if not more), maintain the house, keep its members happy, cook, etc. And if you’re like me, and your work consists of creating and refining delicious vegan recipes, you cook some more - A LOT more (so you see I really can’t help myself with the plethora of cooking-related metaphors *baked* into this announcement). Furthermore, fear and self-doubt turn life’s logistics into excuses. Well, no more!  

"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." - Jim Rohn

Now, I am excited to announce that I am finally launching Raepublic on YouTube! Yippee!  I’m excited to share more with you all and enable you guys to really get to know me at a deeper level. Fist bump baby!

On YouTube I’ll be sharing all kinds of videos including:

  • Vegan Recipes
  • What I Eat In A Day
  • Monthly Finds (Vegan treasures I find and fall in love with)
  • Accidentally Vegan (Tasty products that are ‘accidently’ vegan— like oreos!)
  • How A Plant-Based Diet Has Helped With My Depression
  • Life Hacks
  • Vegan What?
  • Urban Farm/Garden Tours
  • General Vlogs (Vlog = Video Blog)

So those are some videos I’ll be sharing starting out. If there is a specific video you would like to see comment below with your suggestions!

Raepublic’s first video will be released Tuesday, August 9, 2016. Yay! I seriously can’t wait. Until then visit my YouTube Channel and “subscribe” so that you can be the first to know when I post new videos.

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