My Journey with Therapy and Health Care

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m incredibly passionate about mental health – and that I share and talk about trauma and the importance of one's emotional well-being all the time. I also share my personal experiences with mental health, and how amazing it is to find the right therapist. I feel strongly that if this was the norm – for people to really talk about their mental health and have regular sessions with a therapist – that this would break stereotypes that hinder our ability to grow.

When I saw that open enrollment for Washington Healthplanfinder began last Thursday on November 1st, it reminded me of the importance that health insurance has played in my healing and mental health journey.  

Part of this journey entailed finding the right therapist. After trying out a few different providers over the years, I finally found the right one for me (who specializes in trauma). I saw her on a regular basis for about three years. Since then I schedule a session with her every few months, or whenever I feel the need. Without health insurance, I would have been financially limited as to how often I could meet with her – not to mention any other health care needs that can arise because sometimes they just come out of nowhere (like when you have excruciating abdominal pain thinking it's your appendix but it’s actually your gallbladder, and it needs to be removed ASAP).  

Finding the right therapist has been life changing, being able to afford it is essential. Proper health insurance can give you peace of mind for when the unexpected happens and allows for financial freedom to receive therapy, doctors visits, etc.

I remember when Jon and I first got married, I used Washington Healthplanfinder for the first time to help find us health insurance. I didn’t know that much about insurance, but I decided to use their website because it seemed like a one-stop shop – and the only place I could find that offers comprehensive health coverage options (as it turns out, other platforms are not required to do this).

I also decided to find our health insurance through Healthplanfinder because they have people that can help you in real time. I found it incredibly easy to use their website but, me being me, I was also super concerned about doing everything 'right'. One quick phone call to their in-person assistance hotline gave me comfort knowing that I didn't miss any steps for signing up and securing our plan for the year.

I started by filling out their questionnaire. This included punching in our yearly income because, depending on how much you make, you can qualify for a tax credit which can significantly reduce your monthly premium payments. Since then, every year during the open enrollment period I head to their website to update our income, compare the different health care plans available for the year, and clearly see what the monthly costs will be. The questionnaire and their platform make me feel confident that we’re getting the best health care coverage for the best price.

I can’t tell you how great it feels having the peace of mind that if and when the unexpected does happen – Jon and I are set. Honestly, it has also lowered my anxiety knowing that I can visit my therapist that I’ve been looking for my whole life – whenever I need to.

For those of you out there looking for insurance – whether to find the right therapist, psychologist, or to have the comfort of knowing you’ll be protected should anything unexpected happen – check out Washington Healthplanfinder by visiting the website or downloading the app now through December 15th.

*This is a sponsored post for Washington Healthplanfinder. All information and opinions shared are my own.

*Thanks Kayleigh from Wild & Free Photography for capturing this photo.

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