My Environmentally-Friendly Dining Room Table

As some of you know, Jon and I recently got a new puppy (we named her Shadow), we also got a new live edge Carmel Dining Room Table with matching Benches from City Home (we're in love with both). Shadow is a rambunctious, playful pup giving Amber Bear a run for her kibbles every day. Our new table is unique with knots, beautiful burls, and made from the acacia tree. I love that it is made out of real materials (solid wood and metal), not some particle board that won't last. I love how it brings the outdoors in (just like Shadow does lol). The sun-bleached California coastline inspired this table. To me, it feels like part of a forest, which is where a piece of my heart lives. I love that it came from City Home, a locally-owned business in Portland, Oregon that showcases everything from vintage, mid-century modern to reclaimed and industrial home goods. (Fun fact I used to live just outside of Portland, and I used to refinish and build furniture!) I love window shopping City Home's Instagram feed ... it almost makes me feel like I'm back in Portland.

I remember it like it was yesterday...I walked into Prasad East, a vegetarian restaurant in Portland. It’s inside a rock climbing gym which was impressive all on its own. Then, I saw this table with matching benches from across the restaurant and started drooling over them before I even ordered my vegan waffles (ask my friends). I was so excited to find that somehow one of the tags had been left on the table, so I knew exactly where it was from. I am incredibly thankful to City Home for gifting me this gorgeous, goddess of a dining room table and matching benches. This live-edge dining table and benches make our dining room feel welcome, warm, and natural. It's a one of a kind conversation piece that holds up to our pups Shadow and Amber Bear as well as our sometimes wild game nights. :-) You know how board games can get.

I'd like to give my good friend Kayleigh (the gal behind Wild & Free Photography) who took these incredible photos of me and my gorgeous pups a huge THANK YOU! I can't imagine these images being any more stunning aside from maybe throwing Chris Hemsworth in a shot or two. ;-) Make sure to check her out on Instagram lovelies!

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