Meditations importance in holistic health and wellness. 

Feeling mentally, emotionally or spiritually drained? How about all of the above? Try chiseling out 5 minutes (minimum) out of your day to meditate.

Yes, it's super important to eat a healthy balanced (plant-based) diet. Yes, it's super important to exercise and stay physically fit. But what about your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing? Shouldn't we be regularly servicing our mind and spirit?

Sit down in a room that is void of all other living beings and meditate. Think its too difficult? Can't clear your mind? Well, like everything else in this world meditation takes time and practice. Lucky for you there's no time like the present. Either way, time is going to pass. You might as well start today, right now, it!

I personally find the outdoors soothing and balancing to my mind and spirit. Nature makes me feel grounded and at peace. Having been raised in the Pacific Northwest, I particularly feel close to the forest and mountains.

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