Don't let the scale determine how happy you are with your beautiful God given body. Seriously, have you looked in the mirror recently? You fine! Your mirror be like "damn girl" (or boy) I wish I looked like that! 

So, how should we be measuring our sexy you might ask? How about by the food we put into our bodies? Are we feeding ourselves whole foods that our body can easily digest and draw nutrients from? Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying we don't all deserve a delicious treat every once in a while but did you know meals from healthy organic whole foods can be freaking delicious too! Talk about tantalizing your taste buds! mmm... 

How about we measure our sexy by how we physically treat our own bodies? Are we spending hours after work on the couch, slowly melting into the cushions? Or are we finding time in our day to make some salt? By integrating some fitness into our day or waking up a little early to fit some calming yoga into our life. Let me tell you there's nothing more sexier than a healthy heart! 

How about we measure sexy by our mind? Every time our not so angel on our right shoulder told us "we ugly, our thighs are too big, we're not smart enough", did we prop the angel on your left shoulder up and give her a sword? 

How about we measure our sexy by how we treat each other and how we speak about others. What did we do today that helped out one of our fellow peoples? Did we stop a rumor in it's tracks or did we just sit by and nod along or even assist in it's continued destruction? At the end of our day did we stop and reflect on our actions and what we could possibly do better in the days to come?

These are just a few ways that I can think of to measure our sexy. What are ways that you measure your sexy?

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