So I was laying on the couch like many evenings, watching some TV with Jon when I reached my hand out with my phone to show him a photo. In the process it slipped out of my hand and made a big "thunk" as it hit the ground, narrowly missing my glass of water that just so happened to be on the floor. Oh no the story doesn't end there. Oh no...I proceeded to turn to pick my phone up off the floor, forgetting that our Amazon Fire TV Remote was on my lap. Can you guess what happened next!? The remote control slid down the side of our couch like water of water fall and plopped right into my thirst quenching glass of water! Gah! What is it with me and water! Seriously. Someone could do a study!


  • Our Amazon Fire TV Remote still works...that's pretty awesome if you ask me!
  • I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital SLR Camera and it finally arrived so my blog and recipe photography is about to get an upgrade! If you look at my recipe pics you might even be able to tell which ones I have already re-taken and which ones were done with my old set up!  
  • Oh and I also got a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens so the pics are going to be even more wonderful!
  • Don't worry I am keeping all cups, glasses, bowls and bodies of water far, far away from my new new camera and lenses! 
Chana Rae's Awkward and Awesome blog post on her vegan lifestyle website. 

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