Chana Rae's awkward + Awesome blog post for Raepublic's vegan blog.


  • I "set" my phone on the coffee table and somehow it grew wings and flew across the table and half the room in one fell swoop. Luckily it stopped just short of Amber. 
  • Backhanded yet another glass of water...need I say more? At least this time it wasn't over my laptop, phone or anything else of that importance. Oh the day I backhanded a cup of water over my laptop was a sad was a quick death which makes it a little better but still. 
  • Apparently water has it out for me, we do have an odd relationship...I mean it ate my hair tie! hair tie got thirsty either one...


  • I had my call back audition! Still waiting to hear if I got the part or not but either way this auditioning process has been a learning experience and a lot of fun!
  • The casting/talent agency that I had my call back with, liked my audition so much that they called me and want me to audition for them in hopes of representing me! I've read mixed reviews about this company though so I'm not entirely sure how it will go or if I'll go with them.
  • I'm being considered for an upcoming project for Grimm! I hope I get it! Let me tell you Grimm BY FAR has the best food out of all acting/modeling work that I've done!
  • Working hard on my website & blog and having tons of fun doing so! 

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