What Chana Rae does that is both Awkward and Awesome. Chana Rae is the gal behind Raepublic, a vegan lifestyle brand that focuses on holistic health and wellness. 


  • While making a batch of cookies I got the hand mixer out. I proceeded to stand there trying to turn it on wondering why the heck it wasn't working! Adjusted the beaters, wondering if they weren't in all the way and maybe that's why it wasn't turning on...After all that I looked over and hadn't even plugged it in...
  • Messed up a line during an audition. I said something pretty close to what it was supposed to be, but still! 
  • Went to pour water into Amber's water bowl and ended up pouring it all over the floor...again...


  • Working on a new chocolate chip cookie recipe and it turned out awesome! 
  • It snowed! Well...kind of. I saw it falling but the flakes were so small and unfortunately it didn't stick but that's probably all we can hope for this year. :-/

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