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Hey lovely, I’m Rae.

Rooted in the great Pacific Northwest, I’m the flannel-wearing, dog-loving, foodie behind Raepublic. When I’m not changing the color of my walls or reorganizing my living room, I am researching, creating, and sharing delightful plant-based recipes for a healthier, happier you!

This site was born when I opted to "lean" into a vegan diet. At first I only took to this habit at home, avoiding labels and not wanting to burden hosts when I was invited over for a meal. 

When I started down this road I searched high and low for awesome vegan recipes and was disappointed to discover that the majority of recipes I found called for ingredients that included fake, processed, plant-based substitutes. I thought to myself "If the goal is to be healthy, what's the point if I'm going to be consuming processed crap?" 

With that thought in mind, I decided to go all-in. I would teach myself how to cook, and I would share my customized, hand-crafted whole food vegan recipes with the world. Thus, Raepublic was born.

There are several reasons why I decided to flirt with a vegan lifestyle. Honestly, I'm pretty young and felt like I needed to be healthier. I felt like even though (thank God) I have a freaking amazing metabolism, the crap I was eating could be slowly causing internal damage in the long run, slowly becoming what people call "skinny fat". 

I decided to fully embrace a vegan lifestyle to also contribute to my emotional and spiritual well-being. I had an epiphany after starting this venture, I can't stomach the thought of causing any creature pain or suffering that is even remotely close to what I have been through in life. The factory farming industry in the United States is absolutely horrific – for meat production and dairy alike. I believe that if I am not willing to kill an animal myself, I shouldn't be eating them. 

Life is a process full of joy, pain, healing, growth and throughout all of it I choose to operate in a mode of learning. As I continue to learn and grow I focus on empowerment, wellness, holistic health, and giving my body the utrition it needs to thrive. 

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See ya around!

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