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Spicy Vegan Chickpeas & Turmeric Tacos
Rae became passionate about living a vegan lifestyle when she started making parallels between the trauma she has experienced in life and what farm animal go through on a daily basis.

Hey lovely, I’m Rae.

Rooted in the great Pacific Northwest, I’m the flannel-wearing, dog-loving, foodie behind Raepublic. When I’m not changing the color of my walls or reorganizing my living room, I am researching, creating, and sharing delightful plant-based recipes for a healthier, happier you!

In addition to easy vegan recipes, I share blog post surrounding green-living, nutrition, and overall health and wellness including mental health. My goal has always been to make Raepublic a true health and wellness brand, and I don’t believe that can be achieved without mental health at its core.

When it comes to Raepublic and mental health, I share my own trauma with you as well as my healing process and the ways I’ve learned to improve one’s emotional well-being.



Various fruit and berry lemonade

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